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Day One

  1. Open first wheat beer and proceed to cut the pheasant breasts into pieces roughly the size of a 50 cent piece. 
  2. Open second wheat beer and prepare the marinade. Find something that can hold the marinade, four pheasant breasts cut up and be stored in the fridge over night (8-24 hours). Dump the Italian dressing, can of 7-Up, half a cup or so of the Hot Sauce, about the same of the other stuff no-one can ever pronounce correctly (Worcestershire Sauce) and mix it all up. Place the pheasant pieces into the marinade and finish the second beer.

Day Two

  1. Cut your peppers into pieces a little smaller than the pieces of meat. Be careful if you are using Jalapeno or some other hot pepper. To not avert attention to the meat I use the yellow pepper which has a very mild taste. Others have told me they enjoy using hotter peppers. 
  2. Cut the bacon slices in half so you can wrap the bacon around the pheasant, pepper and put on a metal or wood kabob stick. Refrigerate the kabobs until you are ready to grill them. 
  3. Grill the Kabobs Optional: Grab two of those wheat beers left over from the six pack you opened yesterday. Grilling tips: The grease dripping from the bacon will generate flames. It is recommended to place either aluminum foil over the grill or use one of those grilling skillets that have holes in the bottom so the kabobs are not entirely engulfed in flames. Turn the kabobs throughout the grilling process. The bacon may get a little burned. Grill time is about 10 minutes. Store extra in fridge. They taste great after being warmed up in the microwave. If your kids or wife are hesitant to try wild game, this recipe may be the one to get them turned on.


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