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Written by Mark Johnson
Friday, 19 June 2009 10:59

Blackhawk Valley Hunt Club was started over 40 years ago by the current manager's (Greg Palmer) grandfather and a few good friends.  It has become in my view one of the premier upland hunting preserves within the greater Metro St. Louis area.  The habitat is meticously maintained to provide good cover for the birds.  A number fields are spread across the 600 acre farm to provide the hunter and dogs a variety of landscape to cover.  The club provides guide services from three very capable guides, Darin, Ray and Mike.  Darin and Mike run German Shorthair Pointers and Ray runs English Setters.  I have hunted my Black Lab, Katie along side the pointers for years.  The pointers range much further and find the birds.  Some orthodox hunters would not like having another dog flushing the birds at this point, but it has worked very well for me.  It also provides an additional level of safety for the guide.  A 6 foot tall guide flushing birds is more likely to get shot than a dog three feet off the ground.  I have been told by many hunters that preserve shooting is not nearly as good as hunting wild birds.  I can understand the rationale behind that seniment.  However, the birds at Blackhawk fly very well.  Occassionally my retriever will catch a bird in the cover before it flushes beyond that they fly great.  The clubhouse and pavillion outside provide space to enjoy yourself afterwards with a cool/hot beverage and possibly a snack brought from home.

Upland game hunting at Blackhawk is for members and guests.  A sporting clays course, 5 stand and skeet field are open to the public.  A yearly membership runs around $1000. I usually have about $75-$100 worth of birds put out for each gun in the party.  If you are looking for a convenient (20 minutes north of St. Charles), well-maintained, reasonably priced place to hunt upland birds with your own dog or using a guide, Blackhawk is the perfect solution. 

Blackhawk Valley Hunt Club is located at 1259 Brevator Rd., Old Monroe, MO 63369. Contact Greg Palmer at 636-661-5199

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