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"Thoughts from the Blind" A Sportsman's Point of View

Hunting and shooting are constantly under attack as a result of several factors coming together over the past decade or so. One important factor in my opinion is that not enough new hunters are being manufacturing to replace the ones moving on to the "big hunting grounds in the sky."  Is there anything WE can do about that?  I think there is.

One idea to consider:

Can you reach out to someone this hunting season and invite them along on a hunt?  Perhaps there is someone at work, a neighbor, someone in your church, or perhaps a youth in your network of friends or family that has expressed an interest or appears to be a good prospect?

Probably every single hunter reading this article was mentored by someone into the hunting/shooting sports. I am still being mentored, challenged and encouraged by like-minded friends to pursue my hunting/shooting sport passions.  However in my youth, I was formally mentored by two men and a friends older brother. It seemed like they enjoyed showing me the ropes. But maybe they would have preferred just hunting with their friends that were already skilled hunters? I know it took them extra time, patience and even some money helping me get to the point where I could safely get out in the woods and be successful on a hunt.

Think about my proposition in the second paragraph.  Can you mentor someone this hunting season? Or perhaps you can volunteer a few hours and support an organization that is attempting to make a difference relating to this topic like: SCI, NWTF, DU, RMEF, BGH and others. 

To learn more about some of the conservation organizations working on this issue, please click on the links section of this site and then click on STL Conv. Chapters.  This is not an all-inclusive list but might be a good place to start.

The opinions expressed on this site are mine.

Be safe, politely stand-up to the "anti's", vote for candidates that support our cause and continue to shoot straight,

Mark Johnson

Founder-Sportsman's Resource Connection

Todd's Grilled Red Deer (Venison) with Asparagus

I am still learning which cuts of venison I should grill and which I should not.  To me any piece of meat tastes good on the grill, I just might need to chew one a little longer than another.  So not too long ago I was having some friends over for dinner, Red Deer was on the menu. 

I had the opportunity in early 2013 to hunt at High Adventure Ranch in Cook Station, MO.  Preserve hunting has it's pluses and minuses, convenience is the BIG plus.  The folks at High Adventure Ranch were great, from our guide to the ladies who cooked our meals in the mess hall.  We stayed over night in one of their small but comfortable cabins.  I will be doing it again.  The hunt was purchased at the previous year's banquet and auction of Gateway Area Chapter of Safari Club International.  This year's banquet is Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at Old Hickory Golf Club in St. Peters. 

According to Wikipedia "The red deer inhabits most of Europe, the Caucasus Mountains region, Asia Minor, parts of western Asia, and central Asia. It also inhabits the Atlas Mountains region between Morocco and Tunisia in northwestern Africa, being the only species of deer to inhabit Africa. Red deer have been introduced to other areas, including Australia, New Zealand and Argentian. In many parts of the world, the meat (venison) from red deer is used as a food source.  Red deer is sold commercially in the United States and often is the venison served in upscale restaurants. 

So back to my cooking story.  As I said I was having friends over for a dinner of Red Deer.  My plans were to cut steaks from a shoulder roast I had thawed over night and grill them to perfection.  As I was just starting to cut the steaks my friend Todd arrived early and said to me, "you aren't going to grill that cut of meat are you?"  To which I replied, that was my plan.  What else do you suggest?  It is my privilege to share with you Todd's response below.

Set-up/Preparation Time Required: 45 minutes before guests arrive 


2 pounds - Venison (some type of a roast you would likely put in the crockpot)

24- Stems of Asparagus (the thinner variety works best)

12 oz package of Bacon (if you really want to impress order some Naked Bacon at

Italian Seasoning or Italian Dressing if you have time to marinade over night


  1. Start the grill and soak about 20 toothpicks in water
  2. Begin steaming Asparagus until about 80% completion
  3. Cut chunks of meat off the roast to about the size of golf balls
  4. Using meat tenderizer, pound chunks of meat flat 
  5. Cover meat with desired amount of Italian Seasoning
  6. Cut Asparagus (80% cooked) to about 5 inches in length
  7. Wrap flattened venison around 3-4 Aspargus stems of Asparagus 
  8. Wrap one piece of Bacon around it all and afix soaked toothpicks to hold it all together
  9. Grill for about ten minutes, continually turning to avoid flames from bacon to char

Serves about 6



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Written by James Sharkey   

This is the story of my Mountain Lion Hunt with Scott Ogden of Fraser Valley Outfitters. Fraser Valley Outfitters is located near Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. I arrived a day late Vancouver Airport was closed due to snow. They had about 6 inches in 2 hours time. I was in touch with Scott by phone. He knew I would be arriving at 1:00pm the next day. Scott picked me up at the airport and even though it was too late to start hunting, we drove on some of the roads in his territory – 6,000 Sq Miles – looking for tracks – but only found 11 sets, which Scott felt were too small to follow up on. They sure looked good to me!

At the lodge, we unpacked. There was a private bedroom, private bathroom, large living room, satellite TV, etc. It could not have been better! We also had a great cook, named Sharon Henry!While dinner was being prepared, we sighted the rifles. That night we enjoyed a fabulous dinner of Roast Turkey with all the trimmings, Scott explained what the next day would bring.

Written by Fred Burd   

Collingwood Brothers of Smithers, British Columbia was named the top North American Outfitter for 2010.  Having completed two hunts with the Collingwoods and with a third booked for 2013, I can unreservedly state that this is a prestigious honor that their 42 years of outfitting justifies. 

My last hunt with the Collingwood Brothers was in September, 2010.  I arrived in Smithers via Hawk Air, and was met in the comfortably small main (only) terminal by Janice, the Collingwood Brothers’ expeditor.  After admiring the nine foot Grizzly displayed inside the terminal, which was reportedly a cattle-killer taken from the surrounding area, Janice delivered me to my bed & breakfast where I was to stay for my pre- and post- hunt layover.  I had actually arrived two days prior to the start of my hunt which allowed my rifle and gear to catch up with me; it’s definitely stressful to arrive equipment-less for a hunting trip!  But a call from the airport allowed Janice to ferry me back to pick up my gear and optimism.